On overseas trips, it is an airplane mainly to use.

On overseas trips, it is an airplane mainly to use. If it is a direct flight, if it is still a changeover flight, as long as it is not a very lucky transit, the wait time is long. 3 hours to 8 hours etc .... Go to the rooftop and watch the airplane ... no matter how it takes, it will go for as long as an hour. Recently, there is an esthetic salon in the international airport etc. However, it is also troubled that the price is ・ ・ ・. Recently, I discovered that it is a facility where you can enter the hotel by paying something like packing fee. First of all, meals, drinks, and items prepared there are all inclusive, so you can eat as much as you want. And, if you reserve a bed, you can lie down in a private room for an hour and a half hour, so it was convenient when you wanted to sleep without any difficulty due to jet lag, I was able to use the shower. And the internet is also free. Since there is a PC installed, there are 7, 8, but if you have a seat, you can use it. With this, it should have been around 5000 yen in 5 hours. Other, if it's a little time, is it still shopping? That country There are unique services in that country, so trying a challenge is also a hand.

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